By John Hallam Lott

[ fiction / novel / historical ]

At the beginning of the Eighth Century, the two Pillars of Hercules represented the two cultures which lived under their shadow. On the one side, on the Iberian Peninsula, the Visigoth – a powerful and tyrannical regime secure in all but internal strife, so characteristic of their culture. Under the other Pillar, the emergent force of Islam, already in control of most of North Africa and some strategic Mediterranean sites.

A shepherd walks into this scene and his subsequent actions will define the history of the region for almost the next millennium.

This is a story of success tempered by faith, of treachery and the betrayal of trust. It is the story of unlikely allies and personal loyalties. It is the story of how the world is shaped by events seemingly outside the control of those who choose impose their will on others. It is the stuff of legend and the questionable logic of history.

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