Solomon's TableSolomon’s Table

by John Hallam Lott

By the beginning of the eighth century, Islamic armies had secured most of North Africa and many strategic Mediterranean Islands for the Umayyad dynasty in Damascus. What happened next was to defy the normal laws of warfare and resonate throughout the Christian world for hundreds of years to come. As he maintained as a boy, ‘If you want to win, you think like the enemy’. However, there was one battle for which he had no strategy!

DesignedToDeceive100Designed to Deceive

by John Hallam Lott

1077, Dover Castle – William 1st, King of England and Duke of Normandy is captivated by the presence of a stranger in the Great Hall. This young man does not know himself why he has been summoned or by whom. Nor could he guess how his incredible talents will be employed in the ensuing weave of murder, deceit and betrayal.

Black ProjectBlack Project

by Steve Mansfield-Devine

In this darkly funny novel, a tabloid journalist and an engineer engaged on classified government black projects come into contact with a strange secret. It both realizes their dreams and confirms their nightmares. It’s a story of paranoia, weird conspiracies, an out of control government and people pushed to the edge of understanding.

Twisting TalesTwisting Tales

by Clare Le May

In Twisting Tales, Clare Le May gives us a collection of gems. Mixing fantasy and the everyday, these short stories are a deceptively light read that is no lightweight experience.

Lady CaineLady Caine

by Steve Mansfield-Devine

A strange cast of misfits is on the hunt for a missing pilot – for what he has or what he knows. Each member of this weird posse poses a threat to the others. But their greatest danger comes from their own egos, paranoia, incompetence and inability to cope. The result is an offbeat thriller about the hilarious fringes of international drug crime.