WideWorld200By Doug Selway

[ art / drawing / painting ]

For artist Doug Selway, sketchbooks have always been the rhyme and measure of his self-education.

This is a body of work that was six years in the making: leporello sketchbooks, drawings and paintings made between the London River in the UK and The Turnagain Arm near Anchorage in Alaska. On the way, Doug worked in Orkney, Skye and Omaha beach in Normandy.

It started with a 180-degree panorama he made at Cattawade over two days in autumn 2004, which completely changed the assumptions he had about drawing the landscape. He had to completely reassess scale and viewpoint. And it led to work that disorients viewers, making them scan, engage, select, much like the way you look at the landscape itself. Most important of all, it captured the vertigo, the craning of neck and eyes, the sense of exposure, that you feel when out in the big open.  

Doug ended up working all over east coast UK, Scotland and Orkney, Normandy and best of all, with Bill Brody in Alaska, working on a big panorama. This is the story of how that happened.




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