Steve Mansfield-DevineSteve has written all his life, usually for money, often because he just can’t help himself. He has been a professional journalist for nearly three decades and his work has appeared in national dailies and magazines of a bewildering variety.

As a journalist, Steve specialises in IT security. He’s the editor of two journals – Network Security and Computer Fraud & Security – and he’s a Certified Ethical Hacker.

His first two novels, Lady Caine and Black Project, as well as Finistère Insolite, the first in a series of landscape photography books, are published by WebVivant Press.

Steve took a degree in fine art photography, and is currently planning a number of photography books and exhibitions. These will include a series of projects based around his exploration of the traces that mankind leaves in the landscape. You can view his fine art and stock photography portfolio at Zolachrome.

A qualified pilot, Steve is the author/photographer of three non-fiction aviation books. Cherry Point and Kaneohe Bay (Osprey/Motorbooks) are photographic portraits of US Marine Corps airbases. Photographing Aeroplanes (Airlife/Motorbooks) is a how-to guide to aviation photography.

Author of:

Finistère Insolite

[photography / art] A photographic journey through the wild, dramatic yet often sublime landscapes of the most tempestuous department of Brittany, France. These photographs celebrate the untamed rawness of the terrain while also finding moments of great beauty and tranquility. And they explore the scale of the environment and our place in it.

Black Project

[fiction / humour] In this darkly funny novel, a tabloid journalist and an engineer engaged on classified government black projects come into contact with a strange secret. It both realises their dreams and confirms their nightmares. It’s a story of paranoia, weird conspiracies, an out of control government and people pushed to the edge of understanding.

Lady CaineLady Caine

[fiction / humour] A strange cast of misfits is on the hunt for a missing pilot – for what he has or what he knows. Each member of this weird posse poses a threat to the others. But their greatest danger comes from their own egos, paranoia, incompetence and inability to cope. The result is an offbeat thriller about the hilarious fringes of international drug crime.