Clare Le MayClare Le May was born in Isleworth, Middlesex. She studied English Literature and Drama at Goldsmith College in London, and East 15 Drama school, going on to work for a number of years in the theatre as a stage manager and actor. During this time she toured around the world as well as working on West End productions.

Clare now works freelance as an editor, writer and audio describer. Audio description makes theatre, television, cinema and the visual arts accessible to people who are visually impaired. It involves story-telling skills and an imaginative use of language. This work, together with her experiences in the theatre, has provided a rich source of inspiration for her short stories.

When not working in the UK, Clare spends her time in France, where she and her partner and their two children have been doing an ongoing renovation to a barn – while living in it. They have two dogs, three cats, some chickens and some goats. Clare has ambitions to hatch chicks and grow a decent sized carrot.

Clare is also a writer and director with the Zolascope filmmaking group.

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