We’re proud to announce that Webvivant Press has published its first volume of poetry.

Winter Beach is a collection of 26 poems by John Hallam Lott, author of the historical novel Designed to Deceive.

The poems are accompanied by 15 illustrations reflecting the mood and ideas of presented in the verse.

As John explains in the preface:

Poetry is experiencing something of a popular revival and it is interesting to speculate why this should be so. Rap, the anarchic face of poetry, although none the less viable for that, is one obvious example although it could be argued that Rap is a genre whose appeal is aimed at a specific audience, whereas poetry should have an appeal which is universal.

Another reason, perhaps, why poetry is being read and listened to more has something to do with the changes in language, resulting from the culture of modern usage. ‘Techno-speak’ and texting are forms of communication from which all emotion and imagery have been drained. As a means of communicating information it works well but that is all it does. It does not ‘speak’ in the way that poetry does, suggesting pictures and rhythms that evoke chords of recognition in the recipient. There exists within most of us, a need to understand more of our human condition and, through the centuries, writers have used the medium of poetry in an attempt to further this understanding.

This collection of poetry has attempted to cover some of these points and ranges from the emotional, to the metaphysical and to those inspired by images and observation.

The paperback version is available now, with e-book versions coming soon.

There’s more information and a sample poem on the book’s page »